Sandyston Township
DePue Family outside their house located on the Old Mine Road
The Sandyston Township Historical Society has been organized to discover and preserve the history, environment and architecture of Sandyston Township and to educate the public and foster an appreciation of our unique local heritage. Our society welcomes donations of all types relating to the past history of Sandyston Township. Photos, ledgers, deeds, diaries, newspaper articles, marriage certificates, bibles, school memorbilia are just a few things that will tell the story of Sandyston's past.
Sandyston is a beautiful old town with a lot of history. Listed below are just some of the family names that are connected to Sandyston Township: Ayers, Bell, Hursh, Hotalen, Cortright, Myers, Aber, Heater, Raser, Kyte, DePue, Smith, Bevans, Layton, Shay, Stivers, Skellenger, Ellett, VanSickle, VanAuken, Lantz, Cole, Snable, Stoll, Mettler, Gumaer, Jager, Vanness, Snook, Lawson, DeGroat, Perry, Kent, Decker, Rutan, Grau, Young, Everitt, Carmer, Bugsbee, Rosenkrans, Lundy, Warner, Major, Clark, Angle, Bell, Drake, Conklin, Compton, McKeeby, Utter, Coursen, Gunn, Black, Howell, Westbrook, Armstrong, Hartrim, Morris, Owen, Sigler, Newell, Rundle, Shafer, Ogden, Merring, VanEtten, Westbrook, Armstrong, Emery, Loder, Ennis to name a few!
Cemeteries in Sandyston Township
Sandyston Township Historical Society
Hainesville Cemetery (Shaytown Burial Ground)
Layton Cemetery
Bevans Cemetery
Mettler Cemetery
Ancient Minisink Burial Ground/Old Gumaer Cemetery
If you need information on the location of any of the above cemeteries or help finding people buried there, please contact:
Patte Haggerty Frato, President, Sandyston Township Historical Society
Sandyston Fire Department
Township Committee
Land Use/Planning Board
Emergency Management
Animal Control
Township Clerk
Contact Us
Tax Office
Sandyston Township Historical Society
The Sandyston Township Historical Society is thankful for the many donations we have received throughout the years. Our society collection includes the Nan Horsfield Archives and many donations received from generous donors.
We look forward to seeing you and helping with your historical and genealogical research.
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The Sandyston Township Historical Society will be open the 1st and 4th Saturday each month. Please see the information below:
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