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WHERE IS MY TAX BILL? (Click here for information on Tax Bill Mailing information)

Where is my tax bill? 
(As of Thursday, July 18, 2024, Sandyston Township is working with County Board of Taxation on our Tax Rate.  Remember, the grace period will be etended from the date the tax bills are mailed.)
(As of Monday, July 8, 2024, Sandyston Township has not received a Certified Tax Rate from the County.  Once we receive that information, tax bills will be printed and mailed.)
About this time every year dutiful taxpayers search for their tax bill in preparation of the August 1 tax payment. This is just a friendly reminder that new tax bills are planned to be mailed in July. While municipalities, schools and the County have adopted their budgets, we await the County’s preparation and certification of tax rates upon Governor’s approval of the State budget which happened at the end of June.   Each municipality is different. Some do estimated tax bills so as not to wait for the Governor and delay the process, then mail final tax bills later while others wait and mail out one tax bill.
We are sending out one tax bill this year.
Upon the Governor’s signing of the State budget, each municipality must wait for their tax rate to be certified by the Sussex County Board of Taxation. Upon certification, the tax bills will be prepared and mailed to residents.
Should there be a significant delay in mailing the tax bills due to a late signing of the budget by the Governor, the grace period of the August payment will be extended and will be clearly marked on your tax bill. We will also post this extension on our website and social media.
You will also notice a new looking tax bill this year as we have switched to a new tax system. The tax payment portal has also changed.
As always, if you have any questions, please contact Teresa Doyle-Rathbun by calling 973-948-3520 extension 202