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Brandon's House Fundraiser


If you have attended Kittatinny sports in the past 15 or more years you know Brandon Bordt. He’s the Cougar’s BIGGEST FAN. He has a varsity jacket representing every sport because he supports every sport and the kids support him right back. He goes to the games, he might as well be a teammate…. he’s a buddy, a cheerleader, a high five or a hug after a game. He’s in the stands chanting, getting the fans pumped up, waving homemade signs and banners. He knows the stats. He goes to team dinners and awards ceremonies, often getting tokens of appreciation from the teams and parents. He’s everyone’s son. He’s the local celebrity!

He’s Brandon, Kittatinny’s Biggest Fan.

Unfortunately, Brandon is very close to losing the mobile home he shares with his father in Carriage Acres in Hampton Township, NJ.

Local businesses and community leaders in coordination with the Hampton Township Educational Foundation, led by Tony Cerbo, Joe Fitzpatrick & Dan Holdt, have come together to create “Brandon’s House”. This is a non-profit organization that will directly benefit Brandon and his father in order to remove their old mobile home and deliver essential services towards a new one at Carriage Acres.

The “Brandon's House” team has set a goal of $75,000. Nearly $12,000 has been raised to date. Now is the time our Cougar Family can step up and help Brandon and his dad in their time of need.

Many local contractors and businesses have stepped forward offering their services for the installation of this mobile home like:  Wilson Services, Wantage Excavating Mike Brucker, John DeSordi, Electrician, Steve Pisauro, Plumber and more will most likely step forward, too!

Read the awesome letter attached.

“Brandon’s House” is a fundraising effort in coordination with the Hampton Township Educational Foundation (HTEF), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with Tax ID #22-3822075.  Click on the Brandon's House Icon above for a printable form from HTEF.

If you wish to donate to the cause, there are many ways to make your donation:

Mail your check or money order made payable to HTEF with ”Brandon‘s House” in the memo line to: Brandon’s House, c/o HTEF, PO Box 478, August, NJ. 07822.  

HTEF also has a Venmo account for online donations: @HTEFNJ.

Questions can be emailed to:

LET’S GO COUGARS…let’s do this for Brandon!


Sandyston Has Heart Donations


Sandyston-Walpack School is excited to invite our senior community and their families to a holiday sing-a-long with grades K-3 and Community Cares Students on December 21 at 1:30pm. Join us for holiday music, refreshments, and a special craft we'll be sharing.

Please see the attached flyer with more details. 

We welcome all senior citizens in the community, and encourage our Sandyston School families to bring grandparents and senior loved ones to join in the event!