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Sandyston Township
Historical Society

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We are pleased to have the historical society open to the public during the 1st and 4th Saturday of each month from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Any changes will be posted on Township Website and the Bulletin Board located at the Municipal Building's main entrance.

Nan Horsfield Archives

The Sandyston Township Historical Society is thankful for the many donations we have received throughout the years. Our society collection includes the Nan Horsfield Archives and many donations received from generous donors.
We look forward to seeing you and helping with your historical and genealogical research.

Historical Society Information

The Sandyston Township Historical Society has been organized to discover and preserve the history, environment and architecture of Sandyston Township and to educate the public and foster an appreciation of our unique local heritage. Our society welcomes donations of all types relating to the past history of Sandyston Township. Photos, ledgers, deeds, diaries, newspaper articles, marriage certificates, bibles, school memorbilia are just a few things that will tell the story of Sandyston's past.

Thank you to those who have helped make our society successful. We always welcome historic donations relating to Sandyston Township.

Utilizing the Historical Society for Research

Please note the following procedure while visiting the historical society for research:

  • There is a $15.00 fee to access the records for research with the historical society, if you are not already a member. This is will entitle you to access to the records and four newsletters for the year that you join.
  • Please be seated and the records will be brought to you by a trustee.
  • There is a $.25 (twenty-five cent) copy fee per page copied. Copies will made for you by a trustee of the historical society
  • No electronic or imaging equipment (including, but not limited to, personal copier, cell phones, scanners, cameras, laptops, etc.)
  • You may bring a pencil and tablet for notes.

Maximum limit—10 people in Mezzanine Level—2 trustees must be present

The historical society is located on the mezzanine level of the municipal building. Should you not be able to traverse two sets of stairs to reach the mezzanine level, we will make accommodations for viewing and research of the requested research in the meeting hall of the Sandyston Township Municipal Building.

Sandyston Hometown Hero Banner Program

The Sandyston Hometown Hero Program was created for paying tribute and honoring soldiers who are originally from Sandyston or who currently reside from Sandyston and who are active military personnel or veterans that have served this nation in any branch of our Armed Forces.  

A 24" x 38" banner can be purchased to be displayed on various lamp posts in Sandyston Township.  The Hometown Hero Banners will be displayed fro lamp posts or light posts with a photo of their soldier in uniform, their name and armed service branch placed underneath their photo.

The Hometown Hero Banners can remind all Sandyston residents and visitors passing through Sandyston of our hometown heroes that have served or are serving our country,and the sacrifices each have made, who deserve our respect and gratitude.

Click here for the application.

Historical Society Contacts

Patte Haggerty Frato
Township Historan
[email protected]

Researching your family from Sandyston Township or the surrounding area? Need help your genealogical research? In continuation of our long standing procedure, Patte Haggerty Frato, President of the historical society, will be happy to make a one-on-one appointment with you and help you with your research. Please call or send an email!

STHS Board of Trustees

  • Patte Haggerty Frato, President
  • Jo-Ann Williamson, Vice-President
  • Jeff Walter, Secretary
  • Amanda Lobban, Treasurer
  • John DePue
  • Keith Utter
  • Allison Shaffer
  • Erma Gormley
  • Wendy MacDonald
  • Carol Ayers